Logo Design

Build your Brand. Design a Logo.

A creative logo design captures your passion, dreams and hard work. Our professionals staff will create a business signature you’ll be extremely proud of.
We started in 1986 as just a design studio. Today, before we explore or develop any advertising ideas, we make sure that all our creative services either build, complement or strengthen our clients’ most valuable asset, their brand.

Top corporate identity agencies charge hundreds of thousands of dollars to establish a marketable brand. First Looks believes that since a logo design is one of the first marketing activities required for building a strong brand, it should be affordably priced and packaged.

Corporate Identity Services include:
- Custom Logo Designs
- Copywriting of Tags and Slogans
- Online Focus Group Testing
- Corporate Identities Packages
- Cross Media Adaptations
- Style Sheets

Create a sense of consistency that reinforces your brand
Allow your business logo design to become the cornerstone for all your marketing and promotional materials.
Enhance your credibility in a competitive environment
Make a positive first impression with a creative, effective logo that goes a long way towards helping establish credibility.
Create a positive, long-term impression
Your business logo design can help you establish long-term customer recognition which fosters customer loyalty.

1. Choose an image, 2. Find your industry, 3. Select a symbol, 4. Add your company name, 5.Create a layout with color

Give your Business a Fortune 500 look.

Have you ever noticed that the logos of Fortune 500 companies tend to be clean, distinct and uncomplicated? That's because successful branding starts with the right logo – one that's professional, memorable and adaptable to all your sales tools. Unfortunately, not all logos are created equal. Some look good, but they don't meet the key criteria needed to brand your small business:

  1. Your logo should re-size well.

    A great logo is not overdrawn or complex, so it can be made smaller without losing detail. LogoYes logos work on everything, from your website to wall-sized posters.

  2. Your logo should look good in black and white.

    As your small business grows, you'll need marketing materials. Your logo must look good on business forms, faxes, checks and other one-color materials. Logos that rely on lots of color are also expensive to print.

  3. Your logo should be easy to remember.

    An overdrawn logo is hard for people to recognize and connect with your company. Our logos are designed for fast memory filing and retrieval – just like Fortune 500 companies.
If you're serious about your small business, you need a logo designed for branding.