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Executive Officers

Robert McCormick executive VP Corporate Controller (ECC)

Robert McCormick is corporate controller and M&A for EMC2Data Incorporated. In this role, McCormick will partner closely with the Executive Committee to help define EMC2Data’s strategic direction and long-term vision in order to ensure strong cohesion and alignment with all strategic planning efforts throughout the organization. McCormick also will have oversight of EMC2Data’s venture investment portfolio.
13/18 in Mixed Assets - Emerging Markets
(Performance over 1 year)
Average Total Return: 20.33%
Prior to joining EMC2Data, McCormick served as a technology analyst for Bank of Dubai covering the wireless networking and communications systems sector. McCormick was an institutional investor, top ranked analyst for his sector over the past five years. He has advised investors and fund managers on how to best position their portfolios ahead of industry technology evolutions, identifying the best-positioned companies in the industry based on their technological edge, financial stewardship and managerial performance metrics.  


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