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Executive Officers

LaVaughn Waterford II Design Engineer PVT. U.S. gov. projects div.

Designer, Programmer-Inventor of: EMC2DATAs - ENCRYPTED CORPORATE WORKSPACE

An XTS-AES 256-bit encryption, Impenetrable multi-host controller, transparent fingerprintless, Windows 10 Workspace, that can run on and take control of any system or server by any chip manufacture, be it Windows, Mac, Linux or Oracle. 100 percent transparent and undetectable. CTL Licensed by: EMC2Data, IntelPacific, Private U.S. Government entities.

Used through-out the Intelligence community, senior executives and those who want to keep their data safe.  
Technology innovation is occurring more rapidly than we have seen in a long time; this wave of innovation is delivering new devices with new form factors. The new devices interact with software in ways that previously were not possible, which is generating excitement among users, translating into new ways of working, and completing redefining user mobility


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